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Mother Of All Vampires, Akasha's Journal

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Thursday, March 14th, 2002
8:38 am - *purrs*
I have had a ra-ther enjoyable eve-ning. I blew up hordes of hi-deous mortals at a ri-diculous sports event. *cackle*

Ah... *looks about*

Lifeless, white and the pro-duct of my work. Corpses are so beau-tiful! *bask*

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Saturday, March 9th, 2002
10:14 am - *licks lips*
My dear king, lestatdl. *beautiful eyes* How I've longed to be with someone of my own status. Your e-go, the love of being free...we are a truest match... *cackle*

How dare you give up my respects for a chubby and homely mort-al child. *cringe* My toned tor-so is far more plea-sant than hersss... *snap*

But I will for-give your disobediance, this once....call yourself incredib-ly lu-cky. *grin*

Come to me, Le-stat. Your mo-ther, your lov-er....

And to zee rest of you ungrate-ful fools... *blows you all up*

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Thursday, March 7th, 2002
9:59 pm - My Chil-dren...
You unfaithful chil-dren thought you had the best of me. *cackle* When will you imbe-ciles learn that I am your Mo-ther, and am not so easy to get RID OFF? *snarl* I have ventured back to coll-ect you all and RE-GAIN WHAT WAS ONCE MINE.

I am your immortal mo-ther, and you will respect your Queen.

You will all JOIN ME OR DIE! *wild glare*

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10:49 am
*cackles* looks about*

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